Aviation Legislation (General) Training

This is an instant access, internet-based course for Aviation Legislation (General) training in aviation, with a downloadable certificate on completion.




This is an instant access, internet-based course for Aviation Legislation (General) training in aviation.

The course follows the EASA and UK CAA Part 66 (Module 10). The training including photos, diagrams, a final multi-choice exam and a unique serial numbered certificate. Your certificate is available for download on successful completion.

This course builds students’ knowledge and competence regarding the structure and procedures of Aviation Legislation (Module 10) under EASA and UK CAA Part 66 categories B1 and B2 basic knowledge level.

The course covers the EASA and UK CAA Aviation Legislation elements as need by a Part 66 engineer, including the structure of EASA rules, the role of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), EASA and national CAAs.

This includes:
Regulatory Framework
Part 66 Certifying Staff – Maintenance
Part 145 Approved Maintenance Organisations
EU-OPS Air Operations
Part 21 Certification of Aircraft and Appliances
Part M Continuing Airworthiness
Maintenance works and inspections

Who should undertake this training?

Minimally this training should apply to:

Components, engines and APU certifying staff
Quality managers
Line and training managers
Other stakeholders and persons needing to understand the general principles of Aviation Legislation

There are no pre-qualifications required, although rudimentary PC skills are helpful.

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